Wrangler Dog Bones

Australian Shepard begs for a Wailua DOG TreatYOUR CUSTOMERS WILL BEG FOR MORE

Our Wailua Meat Company Wrangler Dog Chews are raw, completely natural bones, which come from the same cows we process for our beef products here on Kauai. Wrangler Dog Chews offer a healthy mix of fatty meat and calcium to promote skin health and shiny coats, and offer a natural, healthier alternative to processed dog treats, chews, or cooked animal bones.

Choose from three different Wrangler Dog Chew products:
• Marrow Bones
• Neck Bones
• Mix Bag – 5 lbs. of Miscellaneous Bones

We distribute island wide. Call our sales office at (808) 431-4256 for more information, or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Wailua Meat Company recommends that dogs be supervised when consuming Wrangler Dog Chews or any other types of pet bones, treats or chews.