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No cutting corners here. Only the finest, grass-finished, USDA Certified beef produced 100% on Kauai.



diagram of the cow that points out the sirloin


Sirloin steaks come from the rear back portion, between the short loin and round cuts of beef. This area produces a larger cut of beef, which is typically trimmed into smaller sections, yielding top sirloin and tri-tip steaks.

Rise, Sir Loin
The sirloin name saga goes back centuries with various English Kings (take your pick), knighting a particularly delicious loin of meat. But the simple truth is, sirloin comes from the French word for that cut of beef, “surlonge”. Sur means “above”; longe means, well, “loin”. It was originally translated into English as “surloin”, but the ‘u’ was eventually replaced with an ‘i’, which only helped to perpetuate the royal tall tale.

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The T-bone (and porterhouse) is cut from the short loin, located in the middle back, between the rib and sirloin cuts. On each side of the distinct ‘T-shaped’ bone are two steaks: the tenderloin filet and the strip steak, a.k.a., “New York Strip”.

Great Steak Debate
T-bone or Porterhouse? Both are cut from the short loin and both the have the distinctive ‘T-shaped’ bone in the middle, but there is an important distinction between them. Porterhouse steaks are larger because they are cut closer to the rear portion of the short loin and include more tenderloin. T-bones are cut closer to the front of the short loin, and include a smaller portion of tenderloin.

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Wailua Meat Company is the only commercial, USDA-Certified ground hamburger beef producer and supplier on Kauai. Our savory, grill-loving ground sirloin is on the menus of Kauai’s favorite restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and eateries.

Where’s the Ham?
How did the quintessential beef sandwich get ‘ham’ in its name? From Hamburg, Germany, where hamburger steak supposedly originated. A little over a hundred years ago, American eateries started serving hamburger steak between two buns, and the world’s favorite ground beef sandwich was born. Each year, approximately 50 billion burgers are consumed in the US alone.

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Chuck steak comes from the shoulder portion of the cow, in front of the rib cut section of beef. Being part of the shoulder means it has more connective tissue, which breaks down into tender, flavorful, slow-cooked stews, soups, and pot roasts.

A Chuck By Any Other Name
London broil, shoulder steak, half-cut, 7-bone and braising steak are all names for the chuck steak, which comes from the large front shoulder portion, above the brisket cut. No matter what you call it, it is beloved for its economical price point and menu versatility. The chuck steak’s tougher texture becomes flavorfully tender when properly braised, broiled, or incorporated into slow-cooked recipes.

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Beef ribs are cut from the middle rib and flank portions located between the chuck and sirloin cuts of beef. Blackened, broiled, smoked, or smothered in barbeque, beef ribs provide a variety of recipe options for any style of kitchen.

Cross Cultural Crowd Pleaser
Beef ribs are a must-have for menus of nearly every influence. We see them served up in a tantalizing array of tasty recipes like Korean Kalbi, Tuscan Braised Short Ribs, or German Sauerbraten. Here on Kauai’s East Side, we like to experiment with BBQ sauce recipes that include freshly picked fruits, herbs, and veggies. In the summer, mangos, papayas, guava, and ginger make savory bastes for barbequed ribs.

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Our grill-ready teriyaki beef strips come from the sirloin tip, chuck and round cuts of steak and are pre-seasoned with our own original, salty-sweet teriyaki blend. Simply cook to desired doneness and serve up to guests.

The Saucy Truth
Teriyaki actually refers to a traditional Japanese method of cooking. It took good ‘ol Hawaiian ingenuity to create the flavor we associate with Teriyaki. Evidently, early Japanese-Hawaiians would add pineapple juice to soy sauce in preparation of beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. The cooking caramelized sugars in the pineapple juice and created the original Teriyaki Sauce. Eventually mirin and sugar replaced juice, but now that you know, give pineapple juice a shot.

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We dice our beef into approximately 1” cubes, which are perfect for soups, stews, skewers, and marinated dishes. Wailua Meat Company cubed beef comes from the ribs, brisket and chuck cuts of steak.

Simmer Down
In the world of professional pot-stirrers, soup vs. stew is hotly debated, but sometimes there is no clear distinction between the two. In general, stews are considered thicker, require longer cooking over lower heat, and sometimes served on a plate. Soups, with thinner broths, are almost always served in a bowl. Whichever one you are making, remember to keep in mind that what matters most, is it delicious?

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